Páll Klettskarð was born in 1990 in Faroe Islands. Except for a short time in a Danish youth team, he has played his whole career in the Faroese archipelago. He has been one of the best scorer in faroese football championship and in KÍ Klaksvík history. As soon as USD Breno has announced his sign, our facebook page counter has gone crazy. USD Breno currently plays in Eccellenza, the fifth tier in Italian football league system. Breno is a comune of 5.000 inhabitants in North Italy, not too far from the Lake Garda, 150km far from Milan.

Pall Klettskard Mario Tacchinardi

Páll Klettskarð together with his new coach Mario Tacchinardi (courtesy of USD Breno)

A few days ago we interviewed Enrico Dalé, USD Breno sporting director, to ask him any details about this sign and what expectations they’ve got about Páll Klettskarð. While waiting for the transfer official status, we’ve interviewed Páll so far.

Páll Klettskarð: a piece of history for KÍ Klaksvík

1) Páll, you are the first Faroese footballer in Italian football. How do you feel?

I feel good. It’s always interesting when you are the first at something, and i am excited to be here.

2) You are part og the KI’s history and one of the team’s most prolific strikers. In particular, we remember your four goals at the EB / Streymur in September 2017. What do you remember about that match?


View of Breno, Val Camonica (siti.voli.bs.it)

Yes, i grew up in KÍ so this club means a lot to me, and i remember this game against EB-Streymur very well because it was the game where I scored four goals, and my goal number 100 in the Faroese first division.

3) Have you ever thought about playing in another European championship or did you think you would stay forever at KI? Did you mind leaving Klaksvik?

I have thought about it sometimes, and now it felt like the right time to try something new. So i didn’t mind leaving.

A Faroese in Italian football

4) What did you feel when you heard that an Italian team wanted you? What convinced you to leave Klaksvik to go to Breno?

I felt very excited, and i wanted to try something new and so i went to Breno. I think that they have a good team, and a good and professional organization, which were the most important things for me.

5) What do you know about Italian football and Italy in general? Is there any team you cheer for or some cities you’d like to visit?

I would like to visit a lot of cities, and i will try to do this in my spare time.
I don’t have any favorite team, but I enjoy watching Serie A, and also the italian teams in the Champions League.

Pall Klettskard

Páll Klettskarð shakes Mario Cocchi’s hands, the President of USD Breno (courtesy of ASD Breno)

6) Are you having it difficult to settle in Italy? What are the biggest differences compared to the Faroe Islands?

The biggest differences are of course the language, and that all my friends and family are far away. But i enjoy my time here, and my teammates help me a lot, so it’s no problem.

What it looks like italian football

7) You have arrived in Italy recently, but you will have surely noticed that Italian football is more tactical than Faroese. What kind of differences do you see during training sessions?

I think that in my team of KÍ we like to emphasize the tactial part, so i’m kind of used to it. But all players here have good technique and attacking mentality, and that is what i like.

8) In Italy we are used to the millionaire salaries of the players, and often the Faroe Islands are cited as an example of a country in which the players are normal people with a common job. What do you think about this? Do you think football should be a hobby or a profession?

I think that if the Faroese football culture wants to grow, the players need to start being full-time professionals, because it is very hard physically and mentaly to train well every day, when you also have a full-time job.

Pall Klettskard Breno presentazione

Páll Klettskarð bringing the shirt of USD Breno (courtesy of USD Breno)

What does the future hold for Páll

9) Unfortunately, Italian football is often overwhelmed by scandals and polemics of all kinds. What do you think about this? Are there any controversy even in Faroese football?

There is not a lot of controversy, because the faroese football federation is very strict about this policy. There have been some unfortunate happenings in the past but not anymore.

10) You have played some games with the national team too: do you think that the experience at Breno can help you get a new call-up?

I don’t know if they will call me again. But, of course, i hope so and i will continue to work hard and improve my form, and maybe they will need my help in the future.

11) A last question: what do you hope for your career? Continue to play abroad or return as soon as possible at home?

Of course i hope to have a good time here and to develop my game. Maybe, if i’m lucky, i can make a good career here for a couple of years.